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The great June Byers
argues with ref on
DVD 51
Schoolgirls wait their turn to
go to the wrestling mat and
fight all out, from
Youth Mixed
Wrestling 3
Sherie Lee suffers hammerlock as the
referee focuses on the actions as if he   
is in a transcendental trance.
Experience our  Wrestling in Erotic Dress  Picture Gallery
From Wrestling 1 and Mixed Wrestling Picture
Female pro wrestler suffers in our Low Blows
Picture Gallery.
All Women Wrestling all the time
From DVD PC 4 Devil Masami enjoys treating her
opponent, Mimi Hagiwara, like an unwanted dog.
Nicky Monroe and Mitzie Mueller, two fine UK Vintage Wrestlers
Female professional wrestling super
star Judy Grable from
Golden Age 1
<< Left, Female Pro Wrestler
Kana is Down and Out
Pro Wrestler Nell Stewart
adjusts her top before
entering the wrestling
ring. It is unknown if the
top stayed in place for the
duration on the long hard
fought match.
Loraine Johnson vs Combs DVD 3
Penny Banner rides
Belle Star around
ring to humiliate her.
Enjoy our many Asian/Japanese Picture Galleries
Here Kana does a great job in torturing opponent.
Penny Banner beats up foe
Hot Schoolgirl waits for
her high school wrestling
match to officially begin.
Sexy Female Pro Wrestler Princess
Victoria is locked in painful Surfboard
hold. Will she scream her submission
on take the suffering.
Bloody Girl Pro Wrestler
Most Violent Women
Figure Four Leg Lock for a submission
After a series of solid dropkicks to her head, a groggy wrestler
lays on the wrestling mat hurt.
Sarah Stock thrills at
torturing opponent
Boston Crab.
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Wrestler Sarah Stock, aka Dark
Angle of
Mexico and Canada set
for public fight.
Lena Ovchynnikova
is all set for ring fight.
Wrestler Karen
Kellogg, 18, goes to
her wrestling work.
Donna Christanello wrestling Belle
Starr gets kicked hard in the face.
Bettie Boucher works on the torso
of Toni Rose in home gym workout.
50s female wrestler June Byers
wrestles on our
We have Many More Vintage Old School - female - girl -  woman
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Sarah Stock aka Dark Angle,
gets into the ring to fight like
hell with all that shes got.
Ann Casey wants to keep Toni Rose down on the mat locked in painful
toe hold but Miss Rose has other plans as she makes an interesting
move on the referee.
Toni Rose.
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Enjoy much more our huge  
Freestyle Wrestling Picture
June Byers KOs opponent with hard
left to her face from our
Women's wrestling submission hold:The Leg Spread Eagle
All out effort to force submission.
Shoes that wrestlers wear for
ultimate submission beyond
the rainbow.
After she defeated her opponent, the brutal trash talk continues. Some
wrestlers are truly sadistic and add on as much humiliation as possible.
Click on above
pic for more.
In the 50s,The Bad Seed is locked up. From Women Wrestling Fantasy
Young wrestler is finished off with flying blow to the
back of her head.  
See More     Posted 12/11/2017
Ella Waldek applies crotch lock on Mary
Jane Mall during very long and sexy bout
on our
The Bad Seed orders more pain and punishment in her  private home gym, known
as The Torture Chamber, where young girls and boy learn the skills needed to win
by forcing submission by any mean necessary.
Female Wresling Fantasy Gallery.
Penny Banner hits Penny Banner from
Women Wrestling Fantasy Gallery.
Gloria Barattini punishes Nell Stewart with great joy. Then Nell Stewart
punishes Gloria Barattini. Enjoy much more in
GA 7 Gallery and DVD 8
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After many long minutes of vicious kicks, blows and slams she
has her opponent totally defeated, disorientated and without any
energy left to fight back in any way. It would be so very easy just
to pin the poor girl and have it over. But no she will now apply
submission holds until she forces a submission for no matter how
long it takes. See
wrestling fantasy gallery. Posted 04/16/2018
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From our Extremely Violent and Dangerous Women
Wrestling Picture Gallery   
Two masked pathological wrestlers enjoy using an
iron chain to torture and possibly severely injure
the crotch of sexy supper star Kana.
Young lady takes powerful hits to her gut
Oh yeah I tell you somethin' I think you'll understand
When I say that somethin' I want to hold your hand,
I want to hold your hand, I want to hold your hand
June Byers Wrestling DVD posted 9/03/18
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In the 60s, Kaye Noble and the referee have
fun punishing Miss Judy Grable.                      
Posted 09/22/2018  
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A quintet of wrestlers dropkick one
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