UK Vintage Women Wrestling
Early 60's: Ann Deering enjoys
punishing Penny Aspdell with
painful toe hold.
Penny Aspdell slams Ann Deering to mat to
work the girl over as she pleases.
Gemma Best back when she was just a
teenager is dressed and all set to wrestle
all out on the mat.
Gemma Best practices her devastating body slam on
various girls
Penny Aspdell gets all psyched up to wrestle harder than
ever before. This girl is a wild one alright and will do most
anything to win.
Bella Ogunlana challenges Rusty Blair for the
world title in Nigeria.
Left Bella Ogunlana at just 17 was
already a skilled professional
Sue Britain slams Ana Marie Martinez to mat
with her controversial 'Boob Toss'. Doesn't
Sue realize that breasts were not made for
this rough stuff?
Ana Marie now wants to get far, far
away from Sue. Who can blame her.
Miss Ana Marie Martinez at a happier time
as she poses like a girl.
Ana Marie Martinez is close to submission caused
by the Boston crab that Lady Dawn has on her. As
heavy pressure is maintained on Ana Marie, she
will either suffer or submit. A classic Either/Or
question is it not.
Nancy Barton is set to apply a Phallic
arm lock on Maria Rivoldi
Rita Lester, Professional Wrestler in
her street clothes.
Jodie has The Masked Mistress well under control.
Double, Double Trouble: The Blonde Bombshell, Tina
Starr, vigorously tortures her opponent with double arm
stretch and double leg lock.        
Tina Starr worked over.
Tina Starr worked over more with hard
blows to back of her neck.
Tina Starr worked over yet more.
"Get back in here! I'm not done punishing you yet, useless
loser."          retropat77     Added 03/28/2011
Sherri (Sherrie) Sinatra is a legendary
Australian wrestler. Sherri puts all the
energy she had into her wrestling.    
Australian Amy Action is skilled wrestler as well as fine writer on her sport.
Amy Action Tortures Opponent with Double Phallic Leg Lock.  
Added 04/07/2011
Amy Action poses like a girl.
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UK Women Wrestling
Fabulous Fifties: Wild Jane Collins
was hot on and off the wrestling
mat. Jane was also a popular  
contortionist. See
more of Jane.
This girl wrestler is free and at large.
Will she be caught and locked up?
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Jane Collins never became a household
name but wrestled often in the UK and
the US starting back in the 50s and into
the 90s.
Being very young, she wrestled
under the name of The Schoolgirl,
Her real name escapes me,
Miss Mitzi Mueller
Miss Mitzi Mueller