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Female wrestling great Penny Banner.
Kay Noble punishes
Penny Banner.
Woman Wrestler Penny Banner
in the early 50's at age 20.
Woman Wrestler Penny Banner is frozen
in utter panic as she is about to be drop
kicked in her head by Bonnie Watson in a
early 50's Pro Female Wrestling match.
Woman Wrestler Penny
Banner at age 50.
Penny Banner is determined to force Paula Kay into humiliating
submission with her powerful legs.
Pro Wrestler Penny Banner after
losing yet another wrestling match
to June Byers in the 50s.
Stretching Penny Banner to warm her
up, as if she was not hot enough.
Penny wrestled professionally in three
decades; the 50s, the 60s and the 70s
and set a standard of excellence for
other to follow.
Penny Banner as
the pin up girl
Penny Banner as the
classic pin up girl.
Pro Woman Wrestler Penny
Banner before match.
Now in Our Tenth Year.
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Penny Banner just before wrestling
June Byers for the championship.
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Penny Banner hits Belle Starr.
Penny Banner rides Belle Starr.
Penny Banner tries to kick out of a painful arm stretch that
June Byers has her locked in.