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Many of the most beautiful and erotic women wrestlers are Mexican.
They are also very skilled and most brutal like Japanese women
wrestlers. There are many contemporary images of females
wrestling in the most sexy costumes imaginable. Also some classic
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Marcela in action pulling an opponent apart.
In this Mexican Women's Pro Wrestling match we see a brutal double
dropkick to the chest and back of wrestler who will be mercifully
pinned shortly.
A kick to the head.
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Now in Our Ninth Year.
Brutal Leg Punishment:    Yet again we have more Lucha Libre titillation. The
rough and tough veteran, Princesa Sugey has the young and beautiful Sarah
Stock out of her mind with pain. That leg bar took a heavy on Dark Angel but at
just 34 years old she has plenty  of time to pay back Princesa.
When a now groggy Marcela desperately tried to leave the ring
and just go home, Amapola drop kicked her in the back of the
head with great force. Marcela was now in deep serious trouble.
Sarah Stock applies Boston on
March 28, 2013
Sarah Stock
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No less than three women team up to torture one
woman in a public pro wrestling match in Mexico.