It is a portal to the ultimate in Extremely Sexy Intergender Wrestling or Mixed
Wrestling images from more recent times, even from 2013 and some vintage.
Some pictures are of Big Men Wrestling Small Women, there are photos of
Crotch Punishment, Hardcore and much more. It is as sexy as sex. A fine Old
School Mixed Wrestling Gallery to enjoy.

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And what would an Intergender Wrestling section
be without some good hard kicks to the testicles.
Huge muscular male wrestler goes after a small woman
wrestler helplessly trapped in the ring ropes. He will use
his great power to severely  punish her for his pleasure.
Now in Our Tenth Year.
Female pro finishes her muscular male opponent off
with a solid flying  drop kick right to his crotch.
Miss Kana, again wrestling a man, is punished by
a full leg spread that certainly did a number on
her inner thighs.
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And now Miss Kana is put on queer street by hard punch to her
face by male determined to defeat her any way he can.
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