This site is all about old school vintage and modern women's wrestling.
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All Women Wrestling all the time
A Major Source of Vintage and Historical Women's
Wrestling Images.  Now on Internet Ten Year
Previously titled Women Wrestling Images
It is all about Women of Wrestling here. Pictures  of vintage women wrestling and DVD and video of modern
women wrestling. We take pride in making quality DVD and video The focus of this site is on the sport and
art of classic women wrestling from the 1930’s to the present. With Vintage, (Retro to Modern) International,
from Japanese, Mexican, UK, France, Italy, India, Germany,Japan,teen, adult, and enhancing female
wrestling and fighting visualizations forever. This site is for fans of the sport of old school girl wrestling and
of other styles. This cyberspace is full of martial boots in action. Most all the pioneers, legends and
newcomers of pay for pain are here: Ann Casey,  Ella Waldek, Clara Mortensen, Mildred Burke, Gladys
Gillem, Yumi Fukawa
, Elvira Snodgrass, Rachel Dubois, Cora Livingston, Ali Bernard, Donna Christanello,
June Byers, Judy Grable, Wang Jiao, Nell Stewart, Jeanetta Collins, Carol Cook, Françoise, Joyce Ford,
Takaco Inoue, Rose Roman, Lola LaRay, Millie Stafford, Lee Su-yon, Mary Jane Mull, Jane Collins, Cheryl Day,
Penny Banner, Dot Dotson, Kaye Noble, Mae Weston, Mae Young, Eva Lee,  Theresa Theis, Ella Waldek,
Carol Cook, Megumi Kudo, Carol Combs, Mayumi Ozaki, Lorraine Johnson, Wendi Richter, Lilllie Bitters, Ruth
, Violet Viann, Shirley Strimple, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Sarah Stock, Lluvia, Susan Green, Jackie Sato,
Sara del Rey, Nikki Roxx, Lexie Fyle, Kirsten Scott, Cheerleader Melissa, Louise Lockwood, Aniel,  Lacey,
Alicia,  Alexzadra, Louise Lockwood, April Hunter, Hanako Kobayashi, Daizee Haze, Jana,  Christie Ricci,
Sugar Sato, Hiro Maita, Rachel Dubois, Portia Perez, Fabulous Moolah, Karen Kellogg, Beth Phoenix, Mary
Reynolds,Thish Stratus, Yoshiko Tamura, Lita, Mickie James, Wendi Richter, Ivory, Jazz, Chyna, Gail Kim,
Stephanie McMahon, Debra, Molly Holly, Bonnie Watson, Victoria, Ayana Mizumura, Candice, Kana,
Jacqueline, Velvet MacIntyre, Carol Huynh. Lelani Kai, Rockin' Robin, Diana La Cazadora, Alundra Blayze,
Sherri Martel, Sherri Lee, Bull Hakano, Gloria Barattini,  Shantelle Taylor, Tiana Ringer, Krissy Vaine,  Amber
O'Neal, Lady Apache, Cindy Rogers, Betty Niccoli, Nikki Roxx, Ariel, Rain, Lexie Fyfe, Christie Ricci, MsChif,
Allsion Danger, Sara Del Rey, Mercedes Martinez, Lacey, Daizee Haze, Xóchitl Hamada, Tomi Aoyama, Devil
Masami, Chigusa Nagayo, Lioness Aska, Manami Toyota, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Rachel Dubois, Kathy Starr, Rita
Cortez, Ada Ash, Allison  Royal, Susan Sexton, Chigusa Nagayo, Sakura Hirota, The Crush Girls, Jumping
Bomb Angels, Nancy Kumi. Noriyo Tateno, Peggy Lee Leather, Bull Nakano, Itsuki Yamazaki, Fran Gravette,
Barbara Galento, Sheri Lee, Betty Boucher, Rita Boucher, Vivaan Vachon, Karen Kellogg, Peggy Lee Leather,
Bambi Ball,  Joyce Grable, Kyoko Hamaguchi, Mimi Hagiwara, Megumi Kudo, Miho Wakiwaza, Manami Itoyota,
Sumie Sakai, Maria Bernardi, Wendy Lee Wolfe Micki Monroe, Mitzi Mueller, Momoe Nakanishi, .  Some of
whom are on my dvd. This is a visual history of feminine combat culture with none of the sleazily cheap
obvious sham that pollutes the web. I have enhanced many of the images here. Ans don't forget  that we
sell dvd and video of vintage women wrestling and dvd and video of modern women wrestling. We take
pride in making quality dvd and video.
Tribute to  women's professional wrestling and girl wrestling  in many pictures  of
vintage and modern  fighting. Picture Galleries of Japanese Women Wrestling and  
ladies of SHIMMER, lucha libre, and  old school grappling.
Special thanks to Sergio
Vintage Woman Wrestler June
Byers is hit by retro schoolgirl
fighter Lily Bitters.
See June
and Lily wrestle 60 years ago.
A form of The Leg Spread is The Indian Death Lock. The above
woman trapped in it could scream her submission any  
second. For see more pictures
click here.
Female wrestler is beat up and She
is Put on Queer Street Gallery
In long 50s bout, Penny Banner  wears down opponent. Ordering  is a Way to
Show your Needed Support. Recall what happens when you enjoy using the
services of a restaurant.
Wrestler Lorraine Johnson looked just like Marilyn
Monroe. He she slams Carol Combs in
Click on any blue link below to see how to access
over 10,000 more sexy girl wrestling pics. There are
100s of pictures in each gallery.
Extra special thanks
to Allan S.
Electrified Barbwire Death Match from  Extremely Violent Women
To see more, go to Picture Galleries
To see more, go to Picture Galleries
Pro wrestler Toni Rose on day off
from being punished in ring.
Access more great Japanese Women Wrestling
June Byers argues with ref on DVD.
She prepares for the evenings all out fight. Access great Japanese Women Wrestling
Mother had fixed up her eunuch to wrestle three of his most
feared types of women.   
Nell Stewart in the 50s wrestling
Itsuki Yamazaki and Tateno Noriyo wrestle on our Japanese
DVDs from the early 80s.
The ultimate in Schoolgirl wrestling Schoolboy, Sibling wrestling and Schoolgirl
wrestling older male is our
Mixed Wrestling 3 Picture Gallery.
The ultimate in Schoolgirl wrestling Schoolboy, Sibling wrestling and Schoolgirl
wrestling older male is our
Mixed Wrestling 3 Picture Gallery.
From our Japanese Women Wrestling 5 Picture Gallery
with tons of high definition images.
Growing up in the 50s and 60s, Miss Opal Ernest AKA
Rita Bennet, often wrestled her five brothers. After a
time the boys just got too big, strong and mean for her
she became a professional wrestler at 15. All of this
fits into the theme  of  
Mixed Schoolgirl Wresting 3  
where girls wrestle people older then they.
Schoolgirls wait their turn to go to the
wrestling mat, from
Mixed Wrestling 3
Toni Rose worked on in Golden Age 2  Gallery.
From She is Put on Queer Street Picture Gallery. Just $15.99
From Low Blows and Punishment to Crotch Picture Gallery. Just $24.99
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From Women Wrestling in Killer Dress (Erotic Dress)  Picture Gallery. Just $15.00
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From Mixed Wrestling 1 Picture Gallery. Just $15.99
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From UK and  Australian Women's Wrestling Picture Gallery. Just $24.99
In Schoolgirl Freestyle Wrestling, Phallic Locks are used
as a tool to defeat opponents more and more.
From Teenage Girls Wrestling now with Price Cut
We are All Women Wrestling all the time
50s fighting powerhouse June Byers
wrestles in some of
our DVDs.
The Seesaw Chain Saw Crotch Grinder is a most dangerous
hold but it is gaining in popularity.
Be a Fly on the Wall Gallery. Just $10.00
Watch Penny Banner wrestle on DVD
July 15. 2008   Behold Beautiful Big Breasted Betty Boucher,
60's woman wrestler.
Access more Boston Crabs
Sherie Lee suffers hammerlock as the referee focuses
on the actions as if he is in a transcendental trance.
Pro Wrestler Judy Grable of the Golden Age.
Velvet McIntyre.
March 26, 2008 Head Work Powerful  Sara del Rey vigorously works chin of Sarah Stock.
Miss Stock must figure out a way to remove herself from this uncomfortable position
before all her energy is wasted. retropat77    Photos by wrestlinwally   
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Here is real wrestling and real pain in this Women's Freestyle Wrestling match.