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50s star June Byers argues
with ref on
DVD 51
The ultimate in Schoolgirl wrestling Schoolboy, Sibling wrestling and Schoolgirl
wrestling older male is our
Mixed Wrestling 3 Picture Gallery.
Schoolgirls wait their turn to go to the
wrestling mat, from
Mixed Wrestling 3
The Seesaw Chain Saw Crotch Grinder
is a most dangerous wrestling hold.
Sherie Lee suffers hammerlock as the referee focuses
on the actions as if he is in a transcendental trance.
Experience our  Wrestling in Erotic Dress  Picture Gallery
From Schoolgirl Wrestling 1 and Youth Mixed Wrestling Picture Galleries
Female pro wrestler suffers in Low Blows in Women's Wrestling
All Women Wrestling all the time
From DVD PC 4 Devil Masami enjoys treating her  
opponent, Mimi Hagiwara, like an unwanted dog.
Nicky Monroe and Mitzie Mueller two fine UK Women Wrestlers
Experience our vintage DVD PC 3 staring sexy Loraine
Johnson. Many believed that Miss Jonson looked like
Marilyn Monroe. Here we see Loraine arguing with the
referee over rules she may  have broken.
Experience our Offbeat Wrestling Fantasy
Female professional wrestling super star
Judy Grable from
Golden Age 1 Gallery
Young women go all out the the Japanese wrestling ring. Painful
Leg Spread applied on Jackie Sato from our DVD PC 9
From Golden Age 3 Picture Gallery
From Leg Spreading Women Picture Gallery
June Byers scores a KO in our DVD PC 51
Snoolgirl wrestler poses for the camera.
Female Pro Wrestler Kana is Down and Out once more on the mat.
Top ranked star of vintage old school women's pro wrestling, Nell Stewart,
practices an inescapable submission hold on Betty Jo Hawkins in Columbus,
Ohio gym in the early 50s.
Pro Wrestler Nell Stewart adjusts
her top before entering the
wrestling ring. It is unknown if
the top stayed in place for the
duration on the long hard fought
match.  From the early 50s.
Mimi Hagiwara who Devil Masami
brutalizes on our
Velvet Mcintyre is dressed to wrestle.
Loraine Johnson set to body slam Carol Combs DVD # PC 3,
Enjoy DVD PC 4
Penny Banner rides Belle Star
around ring to humiliate her.
June Byers practices her pin in 50s
gym workout. See June wrestle on
DVD 20 and DVD 30.
One of the good points about the Golden Age of the 50s was that the
idea of
the Diva had not yet polluted wrestling with notion that to be
qualified to be a wrestler a female must have an exceptionally great
looking face and had to show a lots of T and A. Above we have two
greats, Mae Weston, on the left, punishing tough Ella Waldek with
Indian Death Lock. The two had skill, energy and showmanship   
needed to please the fans and that was enough. Updated 10/24/2015.
From Extremely Violent Women Picture Set
She is Put on Queer Street. ... After being drop kicked in the head
several times,
Kana lays groggy and hurt on the wrestling mat.
Penny Banner beats up her
opponent outside the ring.
Hot Schoolgirl waits for her high school
wrestling match to officially begin.
Asian girl is held firmly in place before
another girl brutaly beats her up.
Access our Japanese Women Wrestling 7  Gallery
Female Pro Wrestler Princess Victoria
is locked in painful Surfboard hold.
Bloody Girl Wrestler from Most
Violent Women Wrestling
Vickie William is about to slam Toni Rose into the iron ring post.
The impact put Miss Rose on
queer street and venerable to
whatever more hell Miss William cared to inflict.
This Figure Four Leg Lock should gain a submission
Hot Asian Schoolgirls: Itsuki Yamazaki ,Tateno Noriyo and others
wrestle on our Japanese  
DVDs from the early 80s.
After a series of solid dropkicks to her head,
groggy wrestler lays on the wrestling mat.
Sarah Stock thrills at torturing
opponent with
Boston Crab.
Two well trained and skillful female professional wrestlers from the Golden
Age go at each other with fire and passion. Judy Martin  makes Joyce Grable  
grunt n groan with a painful arm lock. From our
Golden Age 3 Picture Gallery,
currently ready to access when you order. Posted 4/03/2014
Miss Velvet McIntyre of the mat.
Vickie Williams punishing opponent's arm
Golden Age 3.
A happy Vickie William before
match from
Golden Age 3.
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Pro Wrestling Site. The Text or Script on this Site is in the
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Wrestler Sarah Stock, aka Dark Angle
Mexico and Canada set for public
Lena Ovchynnikova all
set for ring action.
Wrestler Karen Kellogg,
18, goes to work.
Kandi Devine
Beautiful bombshell Penny Banner is
on her knees as Kay Noble punishes
her severely with Sulfbroad hold.
The lovely female pro wrester
Early Dawn in her prime.
Bettie Boucher works on the torso of Toni
Rose in home gym workout.
Debbie Johnson
June Byers practices her devastating Body Breaker on
Betty Jo Hawkins in
early 50s.
50s great female fighting powerhouse
June Byers wrestles on our
Above lad applies a Back Breaker on lass in a pro
style wrestling match from our
Mixed Wrestling 7
Picture Gallery.  
From early 50s wild tag team match on our DVD PC 36 with Violet Vianne,
Ida Mae Martinez, Betty Hawkins and Terry Majors all wrestling all out
with great skill.
Schoolgirl wrestler Wendy Lee Wolfe puts all her energy and
weight on a body press she has on her brother Brian in their all
out pro style wrestling match. This is the inspiration for our
Youth Mixed Wrestling Picture Set.
You will not fine a gallery like this anywhere else
where Sizzling Siblings Struggle Vigorously on Wrestling Mat.  
We have many More vintage - female - girl -  woman - wrestling pictures
then anyone. And that includes Goggle, Yahoo and MSN combined.
Gloria Barattini punishes Nell Stewart with great joy. Donate to see
much more in
GA 7 Gallery.
Powerful Milded Burke on top of tough June Byers
with punishing headlock in early 50s match.
Kana gives opponent a most powerful kick in her
head. From
She is Put on Queer Street Gallery.
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June Byers at work torturing with her killer hammerlock.
Sarah Stock aka Dark Angle,
gets into the ring to fight like
hell with all that shes got.
From our Very Erotic "She is Put on Queer Street"
Gallery. Updated 10/24/2015.
Ann Casey wants to keep Toni Rose down on the mat locked in
painful toe hold but Miss Rose has other plans as she makes an
interesting move on the referee.
Sarah Stock punished with Boston Crab from our Mexican Women Wrestling
Gallery. Updated 10/24/2015
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Toni Rose.Click to enlarge
Tough Girl June Buyers eyeballs young Lily Bitters in their
Great Classic Match on our
DVD PC 51.
Erotic Leg Spread from the Golden Age
Classic black high heels for normal
street wear of Golden Age Girl wrestlers.
Jump back 60 years in time and see June Byers on
the wrestling mat being punished by Violet Viane on
DVD. Posted 011/25/2015
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